Testimonials for Alden Academic Services

“I contacted Hannah when my son, a senior, was struggling with writing assignments for his Dual Enrollment Government class. My son has some learning disabilities and has always struggled with writing assignments, so when we found out the class was 95% writing assignments, I knew he needed some help. When I requested information, Hannah contacted me right away and was very interested in learning more about my son – what motivated him and what made him struggle. She took initiative to learn more about him as a person so she could best tutor him.”

“Hannah was very flexible in meeting my son at agreed upon locations so they could have a quiet place to work weekly. They established a great relationship and I could tell from talking with him that he really trusted her. I could see his confidence growing. She challenged him to step out of his comfort zone, yet all the while encouraging him with a positive attitude. She made him stay on task, which is difficult for him, and was able to get assignments turned in in a timely manner.”

“Hannah was exactly what my son needed and I have no doubt that without her, I don’t believe my son would have passed his class, which would have prevented him from graduating on time. With Hannah’s encouragement and help this year, I feel much more confident in his abilities to succeed in college.”

— Stephanie K.

“This letter will serve as a glowing recommendation for the services of Hannah Alden. We hired Hannah to help our son, beginning in the summer. He was having difficulty in Algebra and English during his freshman year and as a result, had to take the classes during summer school.”

“When we first met Hannah, she was well prepared. She was able to provide references and samples of work used during her summer sessions. She is extremely organized and professional. She was able to work with our son on his study skills and provide him with tools he could utilize in the classroom. She adjusted her approach to his unique needs and as a result, he was able to pass his summer school classes and was promoted to sophomore Math and English classes this year.”

“I would highly recommend Hannah to anyone (and have!). She has an understanding of the high school curriculum and works with a student to focus on the areas that need attention.”

— Pat  B.

“My daughter was struggling with Algebra in the 7th Grade. During a grading period her grade dropped from a ‘A’ to a ‘C’. She found that the teacher moved too fast in her teaching and wasn’t explaining things as well as Christine needed understand the various problems, quizzes and homework.”

“We began tutoring sessions with Hannah once a week. On Christine’s next progress report  her grade had risen from a ‘C’ to a ‘B’ in Algebra, and eventually back up to an ‘A’. Christine thoroughly enjoys her sessions with Hannah and finds Hannah’s explanations and steps for solving math problems much easier to understand.”

“Hannah’s tutoring had been invaluable. Christine looks forward to the tutoring, enjoys Hannah, who is a wonderful young woman, and we are all very happy with the wonderful results from just once a week of her help.”

— Alison R.

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