Our Philosophy:
Motivation Combined with Academic Support

Each student has a unique story.  Students’ educational experiences – both positive and negative – have impacted their view of education and its importance in their lives.

Hannah Alden-Hugli has this to say about her philosophy of academic support:

“I discover what motivates each student and link that motivation with the subject in which the student is struggling. It is essential to build upon prior knowledge and to assess and solidify foundational skills before addressing current concerns.”

“One of the biggest stumbling blocks for students to overcome is lack of confidence. My approach is to build  the trust of my students. Trust begins in sharing my own struggles and reminding each student that every person is human and makes mistakes. No one is without flaws or shortcomings. Together, we (parent, director, student) develop a comprehensive plan which fosters behavioral ownership and empowers students to follow specific achievable goals to claim success.”

For more information about our programs and services, contact:

Hannah Alden-Hugli
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